Q & A

Product related questions and answers:

  • What are two wet ingredients?

The two wet ingredients are honey and coconut oil. The product of dry ingredients is added to the wet ingredients mixture. 

  • Would there be a gluten free option?

Yes within the near future. We aim to become gluten free as soon as possible and are looking into different pastures to become this.

  • Can you swap coconut oil for a different oil substitute?

Yes. Although coconut oil is preferred as it gives the slices an underlying coconut flavour. Another alternative oil such as vegetable oil can also be used. 

  • What are the approximate serving sizes, and packaging sizes?

There is approximately 50 grams serving. There are approximately 12 servings per batch (1 muesli bar or 2 square slices). If cut into muesli bars, it produces 12 bars. If cut into slices, it produces 24 square slices.

Pick up/delivery questions and answers:

  • Pickup and delivery options

We can post them for an added charge (rural & non rural) or they can be picked up from our headquarters at Onewhero Area School, if this suits you better. 

Packaging questions and answers

  • Is there a use by date?

There will be a best before date added to the packaging so that you will know when it is best before. The dry ingredients if kept sealed will last for a fairly long time. However, once made into slices, you will need to keep in fridge in order to make them last as long as possible.

  • Does it come with instructions 

Yes, there are directions on how to make the product on the back of the packaging  to the left of the nutritional information.

  • Can we recycle the packaging? 

The packaging we have chosen to use unfortunately isn’t recyclable or eco-friendly. However, we are going to provide a discount to people who return the used packaging so that we can sanitize and reuse them. 

  • How long does it take to create the batch?

No longer than three minutes of prep and then two hours in the fridge. There are directions on the back that we have followed which resulted in this time frame.

Website/purchase questions and answers:

  • Is there a purchase limit?

There's no current purchase limit for our products, you may purchase as many or as little as you desire. 

  • Are there discount codes?

We are going to provide discount codes to the public on special occasions such as holidays and yearly events but also to customers who return our packaging to be reused and also purchase another package of our products.